About the Author

Hello – I am Ardith Arnelle`Price, a Christian Author. My mission is to spread God’s word to as many people as possible before the great “gathering/Rapture.” Many unbelievers and lukewarm Christians are seeking answers to the meaning of life.

Published Books:

Just the Edge of God, which profiles the lost Christians in America and what they need to do to ready themselves to enter the gates of Heaven.

The Grave is Licking its Lips, a Christian Thriller about a couple who lived the high life but found out hell was waiting for them.

The Narrow Door Blazes with Fire, the sequel of The Grave is Licking its Lips. A deep portal has opened n Marsh Harbor to the depths of hell. 

Looking Through the Sea of Glass, four inspirational words to help people who are seeking to find Messiah Jesus.


 Exalted Above All Gods, Christian Sci-fi/Christian Futuristic Novel

Latest Novel – Available on Amazon

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